Thank you to all the Veterans for serving our country and protecting us. Progress reports will go home today. Please make sure that your child has memorized their multiplication tables. Homework is becoming a problem again, please check daily for assignments that your child may not be completing. Conduct sheets need to be signed every Friday. These sheets go home DAILY, please check them.

Progress Reports

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Progress Reports were sent home on Tuesday, September 10th.  Please sign and return them as soon as possible. A conference sheet was attached to the progress report. Please send me a date and time that is most convenient for you to schedule a conference to discuss your child's progress. I  look forward to seeing you soon.

Open House

8/12/2013 05:21:28


Thank you to all the parents that showed up for Open House, I look forward to getting to know your children. Please review all of the papers in your child's paper packet and send back the paperpacket with the papers that need to be returned. 

        1.Student Information Card
        2. Policy Acknowledgement form
        3. Emergency Information Card
        4. T-shirt or sweatshirt order forms
If you haven't already, please send your $5.00 to purchase a school planner.  Your child will be responsible for writing down and keeping track of their own assignments.  Also, don't forget about Woodlawn's 
t-shirts.  All t-shirts are just $10.00 and your child may wear them every day of the week.  If you would like to purchase a t-shirt please send the money to school with your child. You can also purchase a School sweatshirt for $15.00. 


4/5/2013 20:31:54


Please encourage your children to do their best, they have been given all the tools to succeed. They just need to remember to use them. This needs to be a relaxed time for your child, please do not over stess them.They do not need to have any extra pressure. 
All the children know what needs to be done to pass the LEAP test.
1. Get plenty of sleep
2.Use your strategies
3.Take your time
4.Read the directions carefully
5.Review your work
6. Don't make careless errors.
7.Be confident that you can Pass.
8. Read and reread the question.
9. Ask yourself does it make sense.

Please do not check your children out of school next week, Attendance is critical to the success of our test.

Good Luck, Everyone in my class has the ability to make Mastery and Advanced.....

January 15th, 2013

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January News
Report Cards and Practice LEAP scores have been sent home, if you would like to schedule a conference please contact us. Just a reminder:To pass the LEAP test a student must score a minimum of one Basic and one Approaching Bas

Happy Thanksgiving

11/16/2012 16:53:40


Happy Thanksgiving!
We will have a week off to celebrate with our families. Please have your children read books and study their multiplication facts during any free time they may have. We will return to school on Monday, November 26th.

October 01-05 2012

10/1/2012 22:06:57


This week we will be learning about the Solar System, Midwest regions and our mulitplication facts.


A Solar System project will be sent home today, it is Due on October 10th.

October 12th is the end of the 1st nine weeks,
the children do not have school because it is parent teacher conference day.

The report cards will be sent home on October 15th.

This week we will be learning about Matter, the Northeast regions and Rounding and estimating.
Tests this week:
Spelling: Thursday, Sept. 13th
Grammar: Thursday, Sept. 13th
Social Studies: Thursday, Sept. 13th
Math: Friday, Sept. 14th
Science: Friday, Sept. 14th
                Reading: Friday, Sept. 14th

Upcoming Events

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Friday, Sept. 7th Grandparents Lunch
Friday, Sept. 7th PBIS Reward (Sock Hop)
Thursday, Sept. 13th School Pictures
Friday, Sept. 14th Student Council Elections
Thursday, Sept. 20th Literacy Night/Pajama Party
                K-2nd grades ONLY - 6:00 pm
Tuesday, Sept. 25th LEAP & iLEAP Night
                Parents ONLY 3rd-5th graders -6:00 pm
Friday, Sept. 28th PBIS Reward (College Spirit
The last week has been very eventful in our lives. We will continue with the same skills that we started last week.
Our tests for this week is as follows:
Reading: Friday, Sept. 7th
Science: Friday, Sept. 7th
Social Studies: Thursday, Sept. 6th
Spelling: Thursday, Sept. 6th
Grammar: Thursday, Sept. 6th
Math: Friday, Sept 7th